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Mdina and Rabat Walking Tour

Mdina Walking Tour

Date & Time: MON, TUE and THU at 3PM (All year round)
Meeting Point: Mdina Main Gate (Look out for the yellow umbrella and guide with yellow shirt!)
Language: English
Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: €20 discounted to €15

About the Mdina and Rabat Walking Tour

Welcome to an immersive journey into the heart of Malta's history and culture. Our Mdina and Rabat walking tour is your gateway to the captivating beauty of these ancient cities, where every cobblestone street tells a tale of centuries past.


Step into a world frozen in time as you embark on our Mdina walking tour.  With a 4000 year storyline, Mdina, the old Capital City of Malta is rich in historical events and intriguing anecdotes. The City was the host of prominent personalities such as the Apostle Paul, it survived invasions, earthquakes and also witnessed the rise and fall of various invaders like the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Turks, Knights, French, British and much more.

People referred to it in various ways throughout the years from “Città Notabile” to the “Silent City”. Through this walking tour, we will help you explore the wiggly roads of Mdina, hidden behind its imposing walls. With difference to other tours, we will take you on a trip back in time and help you relive the major historical milestones of the city.

The tour ends in the main square of the next door of the quaint town of Rabat and our guide will provide you with helpful suggestions aimed at exploring the surrounding areas. The tour is filled with exciting historical information and fun-filled with stories that are not documented in the normal guide books. There is no better way to explore this gem, situated in the heart of the Island than through this fun-filled informative tour where you can spend time with our licensed guide, getting lost in the tiny streets and savour the history of unique Mdina and nearby Rabat.

Embark on this unforgettable Mdina and Rabat walking tour and let the ancient charm of these cities transport you to a bygone era. Book your tour today and experience the magic of Malta's old cities like never before.

Major Sites we visit during the Mdina and Rabat walking tour

- Mdina Main Gate

- Vilhena Palace

- Torre dello Stendardo

- St. Agatha’s Chapel

- Palazzo Inguanez

- Piazza Mesquita

- The Banca Giuratale

- Palazzo Testaferrata

- The Mdina Cathedral

- Palazzo Falzon

- The Carmelite Church and Priory

- Palazzo Santa Sofia

- Greeks Gate

- Mdina Fortifications

- Mdina Ditch

- Roman Domus

- Ta' Ġieżu Church

- Basilica of St. Paul

- St. Paul’s Grotto

Itinerary is subject to change due to other events or activities taking place in Mdina that are beyond our control.

Book your Mdina and Rabat Walking Tour NOW!

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