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Colour my Travel -  Terms and Conditions

Our Agreement with you:

1. Booking can be made by person, telephone or website. We highly advise that you book on our website.
2. Participating in our tours means that you have read what the tour will be about and you know what to expect so at to avoid surprises.
3. Guests under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult, who will be responsible for them for the duration of the tour.
4. Guests should always comply with our instructions to avoid get ting hurt or lost, especially during our night tours.
5. Filming the tour is prohibited due to copyright. Photos can be taken as the tour progresses - We highly suggest you take photos during the tour.
6. Our tours will be offered in English, however, contact us if you have any requests. We will try our best to satisfy your desires.
7. The price you will be paying will include the VAT.

Your obligations:

1. After the payment is submitted you have to wait for the confirmation letter as a sign that you will have a place reserved for you in the tour.
2. You are obliged to pay the full price of the tour you will be attending.
3. All guests should be at the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the tour starts.
4. We are not obliged to wait for late arrivals. The tours will start on time and anyone arriving late may miss the tour. You will need to locate the tour themselves.
5. You are advised to wear comfortable clothes, especially at night so as to avoid feeling cold.
6. Our walks are approximately 2 hours long; we walk at an easy pace but we strongly advise to wear suitable footwear.
7. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited during the tour.
8. Food and drinks are allowed during the tour without littering or damaging the place.
9. We are not responsible for any personal belongings which get stolen or lost. We strongly advise you not to bring any valuable objects with you during the tour.
10. If you have to leave before the tour finishes speak to the person in charge of the tour on the day. All our staff are understandable therefore it should not be a problem.
11. When talking keep your voice low. We will not accept inappropriate behaviour.

Events outside our control:

1. If anything happens which is not beyond our control (natural causes) we may schedule the tour to another day. The tour will only be cancelled due to any extreme weather conditions.
2. A partial refund will be given if any events as such happen.


1. If cancellation takes place by the first week of your booking you will be compensated 70% of the price you have paid.
2. If cancellation takes place by the second week of your booking you will be compensated 50% of the price you have paid.
3. If the cancellation is made within less than 24 hours of the start of the tour, you will not be able to claim any refund.
4. In the case of scheduled tours and if the client desires, we may transfer the client's booking to a later date. - This does not apply to private tours.

Safety and Security:

1. Torches are allowed throughout our night tours.
2. If lost, call Colour my Travel immediately on +356 77773050 and we will lead you the way.
3. If you suffer from any condition, please advise us after booking and advise the tour guide on the day.
4. If you suffer from asthma or similar conditions make sure you bring your inhalers with you.
5. We arrive as one and leave as one, no one should leave the group to explore other areas.

By accepting these terms, you give consent for yourself, as well as accompanying minors you are responsible for, to appear in photos taken during the tour by Colour My Travel. Such photos may be used for the purposes of promotional materials for use by Colour My Travel both in print and digital media - including social media. However, consent given can be withdrawn by sending an email to Colour My Travel on at any time.

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