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Valletta Food Tour - Eat Like a Local

Date & Time: MON, WED  and FRI at 10AM
Meeting Point: Valletta City Gate (Look out for the yellow umbrella and guide with yellow shirt!)
Language: English
Duration: 3 hours
Price: €38 

About the Valletta Food Tour

Join Colour My Travel’s latest exciting tour to experience our capital city through its Valletta Food Tour.

The history of Valletta is representative of that of the whole island: a mixture of influences from all the foreign powers that ruled it in turn throughout the centuries. This mixture can be seen everywhere - in the artistic and architectural styles, the Maltese language itself, and naturally also in the traditional Maltese cuisine.

Built by the Knights of St. John in the mid-16th century on the strategically located island of Malta, Valletta quickly became a very important and cosmopolitan harbour city and a perfect place through which foreign culinary practices and new exciting ingredients would have been able to enter the island.
This tour is full of fascinating historical anecdotes specifically related to food and is thus very different from your normal sightseeing tour. Most of the stories will not be found in any guide book but are nonetheless a fascinating insight into the lesser-known parts of Malta’s history and culture.

In addition, you will get to sample authentic traditional Maltese food and drinks in a number of stops during the tour.

The guide will also provide tips on where and what to eat during your stay in Malta, as well as the best places to shop for authentic Maltese food.

Don’t miss this fascinating insight into Maltese culture.

Buy your Food Tour Ticket NOW!

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