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Valletta Malta Free Walking Tour

Valletta Free Walking Tour

Date & Time: Wednesday at 5PM, Saturday at 10AM

Meeting Point: In front the new Parliament Building (register for more information)

Language: English

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: FREE (Donation-based)

Large Groups: Groups of more than 6 persons are not allowed to join the free tour. Please contact us for low-cost private tours

Church in Valletta

Join the Original Valletta Free Walking Tour

Fun-filled and informative walks around one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Valletta, the Capital City of Malta. The free Valletta walking tour is focused around the best sights which Valletta has to offer. With difference to other tours, we help you discover and experience our city through the eyes of insiders, to bring to life streets, buildings and some of the 300 monuments adorning the city whilst having loads of fun in the process. The tour ends in St George’s Square, the heart of the city and we’ll provide you with a useful orientation about museums, places to eat out and how to avoid the tourist traps.


Please appreciate that this public Valletta free walking tour is not designed to fully satisfy history or architecture buffs’ need for information since 500 years of rich history cannot be compressed in 90 minutes. If you would like to explore the city in further depth, we do suggest one of the other tours where you can spend more time with our guides and discover the hidden gems within the city.

St. John Co-Cathedral Valletta

Places we visit during the Free Tour

- The new Parliament building

- The ruins of the Royal Opera House

- The Church of Our Lady of Victory

- Upper Barrakka Gardens

- The Auberge de Castille

- The Auberge d’Italie

- Palazzo Parisio

- The Castellania

- St. John’s Co-cathedral

- The Great Siege Monument

- The Law Courts

- The Grand Master’s Palace

- The Main Guard

- St. George’s Square

Itinerary is subject to change due to other events or activities taking place in Valletta that are beyond our control.

How does the Valletta Free Tour Concept work?

When you join the Valletta Free Walking tour, you do not have to worry about paying a set fee upfront. Instead, it's all about giving your guide a tip based on how much you enjoyed the experience at the end. This is a cost effective and budget friendly way of sightseeing Malta.

This might sound a bit different at first, but it's actually a super cool way to explore the city of Valletta. Why? Because your guide is not getting paid by anyone else. So, they have really got to bring their A-game every single time to earn those tips. Their income changes with each tour, which means they are always motivated to make the tour awesome and keep things fresh and interesting. Basically, the tour's got to be top-notch for this whole thing to work out. So, you are likely to get a really genuine, engaging experience every time!

What is the difference between Paid and Free tours?

The difference between the Paid Valletta Walking tour and the Free Valletta Walking tour are the following:

  • Duration:- The Free Valletta tour is a 90 minute walking tour while the Paid Valletta tour is 3 hours long. The paid Valletta Walking tour is a slow paced tour where we get to visit the upper and lower part of Valletta. During the free Valletta tour, we visit the Upper part of Valletta only.

  • Frequency:- The Paid Valletta tour runs on a daily basis at 10AM while the free Valletta tour runs Wed at 5PM and Sat at 10AM.

  • Group Size:- The Paid Valletta Walking tour is limited to 25 people for a more personalised experience therefore booking is strongly recommended beforehand. On the other hand, the Free Valletta tour has a capping of 40 people. 

  • Fee:- The Paid Valletta tour has a fixed fee that you need to pay for before the tour, while the Valletta free tour is donation based, and you get to give a tip to the guide at the end of the tour based on how much you liked the tour.

Why Colour my Travel Walking Tour?

Colour my Travel - Malta Walking tours have over 2000 reviews on TripAdvisor.   It is an award winning of the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice award (previously known as Certificate of Excellence) for 10 years in a row.


We are proud to be the first company to introduce the Malta Free Walking tours. Our journey began with the launch of the Valletta Free Walking tour in 2013, marking the first time such a concept was brought to the Maltese islands.


Initially, this concept was met with some resistance, reflecting its unfamiliarity within the local tourism landscape. Despite these challenges, we persevered, driven by our belief in the value and potential of free and scheduled Valletta and Mdina Walking tours. Our success is evident not only in the growing popularity of our tours but also in how other companies have followed suit, replicating the innovative approach we pioneered in Malta.


All our guides for the Malta Walking Tours are local!

Book your FREE Valletta Tour NOW!

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