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Private Valletta Walking Tour

Valletta walking tour

Date & Time: Flexible
Pick up: Cruise Terminal or preferred location in Valletta
Drop off: Preferred location in Valletta
Duration: Approximate 3 hours
Price: Contact us for a quotation

Valletta walking tour

About the Private Valletta Walking Tour

An in-depth private walking tour around one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Valletta, the Capital City of Malta.
The walks focus around the top sights in Valletta starting from the baroque heart of the city centre and venturing into its beautiful outskirts, the home of the “Beltin” (the nickname given to the people living in Valletta). With difference to other tours, we help you discover and experience our city through the eyes of the “Beltin”, to bring to life: streets; buildings; and many of the 300 monuments adorning the city.
The tour ends next to the Lower Barrakka Gardens, close to the shore of the mesmerising Grand Harbour. To help you out, we’ll also provide you with useful suggestions like grabbing a bite from one of the restaurants in the area, how to sip the Maltese sun whilst lazying under one of the trees in the garden or advice on where to take a dip in the grand harbour. This tour is jam-packed with exciting information about the 500-year-old history of the City and fun-filled with anecdotes as conveyed to us by the locals. There is no better way to get to know Valletta than through this fun-filled informative tour where you can spend time with our licensed guides discovering the hidden gems of the city and its surroundings.
The itinerary is flexible due to being a private tour.

Valletta walking tour

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