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Private Birgu (Vittoriosa) Tour


Date & Time: Flexible
Pick up: Cruise Terminal or preferred location in Valletta
Drop off: Preferred location in Valletta
Duration: Approximate 2 hours
Price: Contact us on for a quotation



The city of Vittoriosa, or Birgu as it is known by the Maltese, is the oldest settlement in the Grand Harbour area. This beautiful maritime city offers an intriguing insight into Malta and its history. Whether for its historic aspect, with its many palaces, churches and museums, or simply to stroll along the marina or visiting one of its numerous wine bars, Vittoriosa is definitely worth a visit.


Ideally situated for safe anchorage, the area has been occupied since prehistoric times, developing strong connections with maritime, mercantile and military activities over the centuries. When the Order of St. John came to Malta, the Knights chose Birgu as their seat, turning it into a magnificent fortified city that was able to withstand the brutal siege of 1565. It was this remarkable victory that saw the city awarded the name ‘Città Vittoriosa'. During British rule, the city also hosted the British Royal Navy, and despite widespread destruction brought on by World War Two, Vittoriosa has risen again, to become one of the main tourist attractions on the island.


Join our Vittoriosa Tour to learn more about the city’s fascinating history. Walk with our guides through the narrow winding streets of the Collacchio, the oldest part of the city, and along the Vittoriosa Waterfront, lined with majestic buildings, as you listen to how the Knights and the Maltese bravely fought back against the Ottomans, and to more tragic tales of death and destruction from World War Two. You will also get a chance to see the Inquisitor’s Palace, with its prison where heretics were tortured, as well as the magnificent Fort St. Angelo, which for centuries has guarded Vittoriosa and the Grand Harbour.


Itinerary can be flexible due to being a private tour.

Major Sites

  • City Gate

  • The Couvre Porte area

  • The Dominican Priory and Church of the Annunciation

  • The Bishops’ Palace

  • The Inquisitors’ Palace

  • Executioner's House

  • The Old Armoury

  • The Auberges of the Knights

  • The former Sacra Infermeria

  • Victory Square

  • The Parish Church of St. Lawrence

  • Freedom Monument

  • The Malta Maritime Museum

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