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Valletta World War 2 Tour

Valletta WW2 Tour

 Date & Time: Flexible
 Pick up: Cruise Terminal or preferred location in Valletta
 Drop off: Preferred location in Valletta
 Duration: Approximate 3 hours
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Valletta WW2 Tour

About the Valletta World War 2 Tour:

11th June 1940 marks the start of the Second World War for Malta, the day when bombs started showing the Maltese islands. The Italian Duce, Mussolini had decided to enter the war by joining the Axis and since Malta was a pebble on the path of Hitler’s ambition to take over North Africa, it had to be annihilated.

Almost immediately, the densely populated harbour area located around the City of Valletta, had to be evacuated. Huge efforts were undertaken in order to construct an intricate network of tunnels under the city, aimed to shelter its inhabitants and all those who sought refuge within its walls. The inhabitants did their utmost to conduct a normal life having newspapers published daily, attending church regularly and even managing to watch a movie at the cinema between one raid and the other.
But this so-called normal life soon morphed into a nightmare. Rationing was the order of the day and the government had to set up Victory kitchens to feed the population. Soon the island was on its knees and it was only the Santa Maria miracle that saved the Island from starvation.
Join our World War II Tour, in order to relive the experiences of the Second World War and obtain a deep insight into that part of history which is not recorded in the guide.

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