10 Truths about Camping in Malta

Updated: Jan 4




1. the activity of spending a holiday living in a tent

When it comes to camping, there are 3 types of people – those who love it, those who hate it, and those who open their eyes widely and shake their heads left and right with the mention of it, but do not really understand it. I am the former type of person – I love it. As a person who loves adventure and nature, I consider camping as the perfect opportunity to escape. It is a mixture of fresh air, a bit of do-it-yourself, relaxation and mostly an opportunity to explore. My fiancé and I, together with his now 9-year old daughter, camp around four to five times each year on the islands. We camp with different groups of people: families, couples, friends... Some are more experienced, and some are less experienced campers than us. The one thing we have in common is that we all love it!

During various conversations with non-campers, I always notice something. They are not well informed about camping, which misinformation, leads them to the conclusion that camping is not for them.

For those who want to know more, or are interested in camping but do not know from where to start, here are 10 camping truths and some tips to get one started! Both camping pros and cons have been listed here, as the aim is to give a realistic picture of the whole camping experience. Hope this blog inspires more of you to join the circle of campers on the islands!

1. Camping vs Glamping

The activity of camping can range from a basic, fit everything into your backpack kind of camping; to a car filled with stuff kind; and to a more luxurious kind known as glamping. For the more adventurous ones, or for those who want to combine trekking with the camping experience, the former option would be ideal. The second option is the most opted for, where couples, friends and families gather in one of the camping sites on the islands. For those who would like to be at one with nature but are not up for too much hassle, glamping is the best option.