Our Top 7 Hidden Beaches in Malta

Updated: Jan 4

We’re in the midst of summer. It’s hot and humid in Malta. Being surrounded by the sea means a very valid reason to head outdoors and spend a day or an afternoon at the beach. We tend to get into a routine whereby we always head out the same beach or two. And it might get a bit boring after a while. So we thought best to share with you some of Malta’s hidden beaches, with the hope of making your summer bursting with new adventures and experiences.

Whether you're looking for a calm stretch of sand or a mini-adventure at the rocky Maltese shoreline, we have identified seven beaches to suit everyone. Scroll down for our ranking of seven of Malta's hidden beaches.

As we did with our selection of family-friendly hikes to do in Malta, we have devised a ranking system for each beach to help you choose one depending on your mood and energy levels. “Accessibility” shows the difficulty to access and “Beach” refers to whether it is a sandy, pebble or rock beach.

DISCLAIMER: Please always check the weather forecast before going to the beach. Rough seas can be dangerous. Furthermore, it is advised that you check site conditions before attempting cliff jumping.

7. St. Peter’s Pool

Accessibility: Medium; Beach: Rocky

The only difficulty in accessing this bay in Marsaxlokk is the 1.5km of the narrow and winding road (accessible to cars) leading you to St. Peter’s Pool. Once there, you simply have to walk a few steps downwards and get to this magnificent gem. It’s a lovely spot for bathing and for jumping in the sea from low to medium heights!

6. Ħondoq Bay (Gozo) hidden bay and cave

Accessibility: Easy; Beach: Rocky

Ħondoq bay in Qala is a very well-known bay in Gozo; a lesser-known part is the hidden bay and cave just off the main pebble beach. The only difficulty in reaching it are the various sharp rocks and uneven ground, thus make sure you were proper footwear. If you don’t feel like walking, you can always opt to swim from the main beach to the hidden bay – make sure you take your snorkelling mask with you – it’s quite a sight underwater!

5. Pixxina Naturali

Accessibility: Difficult; Beach: Rocky

This hidden gem is a short walk away from the nearest parking spot – proper walking/trekking shoes are recommended! Park your car