Hiking with Kids: 5 family-friendly treks in Malta in just 90 minutes (or less)

Updated: May 15

Lately, we've all had time to slow down, stop and observe. Observe our way of life, our surroundings. Personally, we have had the opportunity to go out and explore the outdoors more. We have become obsessed with nature and its beauty, more so because of how it benefits the whole family.

Having experienced travelling with kids, we know how important timing is. Children tend to get bored easily doing the same activity. Thus we are sharing with you five hikes, with amazing coastal and countryside views of Malta and Gozo, all of which are well-suited for families with young kids (we did ours with a walking 2-year-old and a 9-month old in a baby-carrier), and most importantly all can be done within 90 minutes or less. For some of the hikes, we are including optional add-on trails which you might be interested in doing if you are kid-free, have older kids accompanying you, or possibly on a second visit.

We have devised a ranking system for each hike to help you choose one depending on your mood and energy levels. The icon shows the approximate duration of the round-trip hike (it will be faster if you have older kids), KM shows the distance in kilometres and ⛰️ shows the difficulty level (1 being easiest, 5 being hardest). Don't be discouraged by the trails which are marked as being more difficult - if we did them, so can you!

1. Filfla from afar

: 1.5 hours; KM: 3.7; ⛰️: 2/5

This trail starts from the parking area in Mtaħleb (limits of Rabat), taking the direction Southwards towards Filfla. The most difficult part are the first few metres - there is a very short but steep incline. After that, it is relatively flat and the path easily identifiable, making it a relaxing walk with cliff edge and coastal views.

Look out for: Filfla, a small islet, which is also the most southerly point of the Maltese archipelago.

NB: The time indicated on the Google map is not always representative of the actual duration of the trail, especially when doing the trek with younger children. For a better indication, please refer to the icon beneath each trail's heading.

2. The Cat Wind Vane

: 45 minutes; KM: 1.